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Trust Services

Offshore services

Solutions is specialized in offshore company incorporation, and management. We work under the legislations of Nevis, Panama, Anguilla, Tortola (British Virgin Islands).
We provide the folowing services:

  • Offshore company incorporation
  • Assistance with creation of an offshore bank account
  • Management of non-resident accounts
  • Ships registration
  • Representation and administrative services

Why going offshore?

Upon placing an interest into a potential real estate, residence or parcel of land, you might want to consider completing the purchase under an offshore entity. You can invest in full security and with the following advantages:

  • Tax reduction
  • Better scope of use
  • Asset protection
  • Better flexibility
  • Better confidentiality (only the charters are public)
  • Incorporation within ten working days (upon presentation of all requested documentation and information)
  • No minimum capital
  • No office obligation
  • Tax benefits
  • No necessity to publish yearly accounts
  • Only one shareholder / director is necessary

Onshore services

Solutions also handles and manages the opening of onshore companies (N.V., Partnerships, Sole Proprietorship) under the legislation of St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

We will guide you though all the incorporation steps, including assistance with the notary and other associated parties such as Inspectorate of Taxes.

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